[CES 2021 All Digital] South Korea's Hancom Group CES 2021 Showcases Game Changing Productivity and Collaboration Solutions, Artificial Intelligence and Robots, Smart City, and Blockchain Security

2021-01-15, Dong Hee Choi Reporter

At this year's All Digital CES 2021, Hancom Group is showcasing some of the companies' most innovative technology. These include game-changing digital products in Productivity and Collaboration Solutions, Artificial Intelligence and Robots, Smart City, and Blockchain and Security.

Hancom products are built upon more than 30 years' experience—from our pioneering work in the Korean software industry to today, leaders in the world market.

Productivity and Collaboration Solutions

  • Hancom Works -- Hancom Works is supporting digital transformation of your organization by enabling all-in-one remote workspaces environment on top of self-hosted data center or Cloud infrastructure such as AWS.
  • Hancom Office -- Hancom Office is core productivity applications for your work, study, and collaboration.

Artificial Intelligence and Robots

  • Toki H2 : AI Home Robot -- Toki is a home robot used for sharing customized conversation between family and engaging in daily life with kids based on facial recognition technology and educational content.
  • AI Image Processing Service -- Hancom InSpace collects, classifies and analyzes video images captured from satellites, land earth stations and drones. Then track and manage objects based on the analyzed data.
  • Hancom AI Check 25: AI Call Center Solution -- Hancom AI Check 25 monitors self-quarantined people using AI-bot and assists in monitoring health conditions and information delivery.
  • Hancom Genie K: AI Tutor for Korean Language -- Hancom Genie K, AI tutor for Korean language, is a 1:1 Korean speaking practice application that allows anyone who wants to learn Korean to practice speaking anytime, anywhere.
  • GenieTalk Go!2: AI Mobile Translator-- AI interpreter supporting 65 Languages. GenieTalk Go!2 can be used in offices and fields where various languages are spoken, overseas business trips, and overseas travel.

Smart City

  • Parking Friends: IoT Parking Sharing Service – Parking Friends is an IoT Shared Parking service, which provides real-time parking information using IoT sensor. it can check the status of parking spaces and solve the parking.
  • NeoIDM: AI IoT Platform -- NeoIDM is a device management platform for gathering and controlling data and updating firmware on IoT devices.

Blockchain Security

  • Hancom Mobile and Digital Forensics -- Complete mobile and digital forensic products for data extraction and analysis supporting various types of mobile and digital devices.
  • Digital Gold Blockchain -- Digital Gold Blockchain is a new gold transaction platform that creates new gold business with gold, cutting-edge technology, art and finance combined.

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