[CES 2021 All Digital] BOE's active matrix Micro LED wins Innovative Display Application Product Award of the Year at CES 2021

2021-01-15, Min Ho Kim Reporter

This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2021) kicked off in a first-ever all-digital format on January 11, Pacific Time. A cohort of well-known consumer electronics companies participated in the show online. During the event, BOE was ranked among the 2020-2021 Top 10 CE Brands, and its proprietary active matrix Micro LED using a glass substrate won an Innovative Display Application Product Award of the Year.

The Top 10 CE Brands list is one of the most influential rankings in the global consumer electronics industry. BOE has stayed on the list for nine years in a row. The Innovative Display Application Product Award is granted to the most innovative and prospective display products of the year based on indicators in multiple dimensions. With peak brightness of up to 1,500 nits and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, BOE's award-winning active matrix Micro LED fused into a glass substrate boasts a variety of advantages such as no splash screen, lower power consumption and better brightness uniformity. It is driven with high efficiency, more eye-friendly and allows splicing in any sizes. Additionally, it is the world's first seamless Micro LED using a glass substrate through the lateral processing technology.

Mini/Micro LEDs are among the most promising new-type display technologies. In recent years, BOE has redoubled efforts in the development of Mini/Micro LED technologies and industries. As one of the company's "1+4" business groups, the Mini LED Business Group mainly provides next-generation LED display solutions empowered by glass substrate and PCB semiconductor technologies and million-level advanced packaging technologies, and has achieved fruitful results. In addition to the award-winning active matrix Micro LED, BOE has also launched a plethora of display products such as 75-inch 8K Mini LED and 65-inch Mini LED, which deliver extraordinary display effects through glass substrate Mini LED backlight and HDR technologies. Thanks to their strengths, BOE's cutting-edge Mini/Micro LED display solutions enjoy great potential in a wide range of fields including commercial display, business conferences, performances and sporting events.

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