[CES 2021 All Digital] Paronym's CES Exhibit to Showcase 'TIG Live,' Interactive Video Technology that Lets You 'Touch' Products During Live Shopping for Further Information

2021-01-13, Na Ra Shin Reporter

A Tokyo-based video technology startup, will showcase 'TIG Live,' the augmented streaming video service that enables retailers to offer an in-store-like shopping experience for viewers watching their live streaming sale event. Shoppers can touch/tap tagged products in a video to access additional information about the items. They can also ask the store clerks questions – just as they would at a physical store – and cast their votes in live polls during the program. What's more, retailers can create tags and embed them in a video by simply scanning the physical tags on the products – a feature that businesses of all sizes can use to easily organize Live shopping events.

The "TIG Live" service is made possible by the company's video-tagging technology named "TIG." Unlike conventional live commerce events in which shoppers are passive viewers, "TIG Live" shows are user-driven, with viewers directly participating in the events. The technology has already helped major sport apparel and retail businesses in Japan to produce Live shopping events in which they achieved up to 90 percent live-to-e-commerce-site conversion rates.

"'TIG Live' is a powerful tool for businesses to grow their live commerce audiences, while it also enables consumers to enjoy a 'new normal' shopping experience amid the pandemic," said Paronym CEO Michio  Kobayashi. "Offering services that equally benefit businesses and consumers has been and will continue to be one of our goals. And we are very excited to introduce the culmination of our effort at CES 2021."

Features and Benefits of TIG Live

  • User friendliness: Any store staff can easily create tags for products and embed them in a video by scanning the physical products' barcodes tags. No need to use a computer or complicated software. 
  • Interactive in-store-like communication:  TIG Live's management system connects with a store's inventory, enabling businesses to easily "pull out" any store items a viewer wants, to display it during their live show. Therefore, All livers need to distribute TIG LIVE is a smartphone and a barcode reader so that  the livers can introduce every single item while walking around the store or anywhere and enjoying communication with viewers.
  • Live polls: Businesses can easily poll their audience during their live shows – with four different answers per question to choose from -- a feature that can enhance audience engagement.

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