[CES 2021 All Digital] Anura™, World's first app allowing for contactless blood pressure measurement, without the need for cuffs or other wearables

2021-01-13, Min Ho Kim Reporter

-Toronto-based tech firm, NuraLogix, will be showcasing the groundbreaking app Anura™ at CES 2021.

Anura™ is backed by global scientific studies and measures with medical-grade accuracy. All it takes is a smartphone video camera and 30 seconds to measure physical, physiological and psychological indexes.

Anura™ is the world's first app for contactless blood pressure measurement, without the need for a cuff or another wearable. Anura™ also measures other physical, physiological and psychological indexes, including heart rate, stress levels, BMI, and cardiovascular disease risks with medical grade accuracy (based on research and clinical studies). Fast, accurate, and contactless, Anura™ has revolutionized the ability to measure and track general health and wellness.

This contactless measurement is made possible through their patented Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI™) technology; in only 30 seconds using a conventional video camera, TOI™ is able to use light and the translucency of human skin to capture changes in blood flow. Using machine learning algorithms, TOI™ then extracts facial blood flow information from the recording to model and detect the desired psychological, physical and physiological indexes.

NuraLogix will be attending CES 2021 and will be demonstrating Anura™ at our virtual booth from Jan.12-14; click here to access our CES Press Kit. For more information on Anura™, visit www.anura.ai or contact Win Shi Wong (Marketing Specialist) at WinShiWong@nuralogix.ai

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Contact Information
Win Shi Wong
Contact Mail : WinShiWong@nuralogix.ai
Home page links : www.anura.ai

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