[Welding Korea 2020 Video] MTM Hitech introduced its newest laser cutting machine

2020-10-21, Jane Lee Reporter

MTM Hitech participated in the International Welding & Cutting Automation Show 2020 (WELDING KOREA 2020) held at the Changwon Convention Center (CECO) from Oct. 20 (Tue) to 23 (Fri) to introduce its newest laser cutter FMRII series and WIND 3015.

MTM Hi-Tech, which is a steel machine automation company that has been highly praised by leading companies based on its unrivaled skills and know-how, is the Korean agency of NISSAN TANAKA boasting excellent technology.

The gantry-type laser cutting machine FMRII series introduced at this exhibition is a product lineup with an oscillator that implements the world's largest fiber laser 10kW as a product that can significantly reduce cutting costs due to low consumables by securing high productivity and safety. TANAKA's stabilized fiber laser cutting technology shortens the piercing time by improving the cutting quality and features a 24-hour unmanned operation function suitable for smart factories.

The table-type fiber laser cutting machine WIND 3015 is made by the laser cutting machine from China's HAN*S SONGU with TANAKA's technical warranty. It is Korea's first high-power (20KW) fiber laser (3.5Mx300M) product that boasts fast speed and safety, making it easy to cut the building parts of various thickness.

The official said, "MTM Hitech is pursuing the maximization of customer satisfaction and is making every effort to supply products that customers can use conveniently and safely through continuous quality improvement and management systems."

He continued, "We have a long business network with domestic and foreign buyers based on our experience and system accumulated for a long time, and our long experience and know-how are our core competitiveness. We are promoting technology development and product innovation to grow as a global market leader."

The Korea International Welding & Cutting Automation Show 2020 is hosted by Gyeongsangnam-do and Changwon-si, providing various welding and cutting technology-related information that reflect the latest trends. The exhibited items are as follows. △ Welding automation △ Cutting equipment △ Processing equipment △ Welding machine △ Welding parts and peripherals △ Environmental improvement and safety products △ Inspection and testing equipment △ Welding materials

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