[Welding Korea 2020 Video] Dari MT introduces a non-mendrel pipe bending machine

2020-10-21, Jane Lee Reporter

Dari MT (CEO Jung Soo-young) participated in the International Welding & Cutting Automation Show 2020 (WELDING KOREA 2020) held at the Changwon Convention Center (CECO) from Oct. 20 (Tue) to 23 (Fri) to introduce its first-in-Korea non-mendrel pipe bending machine and China's largest AOTAI's pipe cutting and beveling machine in the Korean market.

Dari MT was established in 1999, and it is selling various steel plates (Messer) CNC gas, plasma, laser cutting machines, (HGG) CNC pipe/beam cutting machines, (Aotai) CNC & portable pipe cutting/beveling M/C, CNC pipe bending M/C and welding automation -manipulators, turning rollers, and positioners (for ROBOT).

In this exhibition, the company introduced the first successfully localized non-mendrel pipe bending M/C equipment, AOTAI's portable, and CNC pipe cutting/beveling M/C.

Non-mendrel pipe bending machine

AOTAI pipe cutting & beveling machine

The non-mendrel pipe bending machine (NMB60/NMB42) uses a calculator-based, easy-to-operate method that anyone can operate after 10 to 30 minutes of training and can perform efficient work. It has the advantage of strong and concise appearance and sequential and accurate bending, and can bend regardless of pipe material and shape.

It is made in Korea so that you can manufacture any type of mold you want, and you can easily move it in the field by installing wheels. It is possible to bend with a clean quality of more than 95% roundness without a mandrel (core rod), and the setting time is very short, so the price is cheaper than the existing mandrel method.

The applicable fields and examples of application are as follows. △Shipyards, shipbuilding related companies △Plant, chemical piping △Pipe manufacturing and processing △Industrial machinery manufacturing, hydraulic piping △Cooler refrigeration machinery refrigeration facilities related △Automobiles △Agricultural machinery manufacturing facilities related △Safety facilities, sports equipment △Educational institution training and practice △Other pipe-related industries, etc.

The Korea International Welding & Cutting Automation Show 2020 is hosted by Gyeongsangnam-do and Changwon-si, providing various welding and cutting technology-related information that reflect the latest trends. The exhibited items are as follows. △ Welding automation △ Cutting equipment △ Processing equipment △ Welding machine △ Welding parts and peripherals △ Environmental improvement and safety products △ Inspection and testing equipment △ Welding materials

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