[Welding Korea 2020 Video] J1 Robotics showcased automated consulting smart factory

2020-10-21, Jane Lee Reporter

J1 Robotics participated in Korea International Welding & Cutting Automation Show 2020 (WELDING KOREA 2020) held at the Changwon Convention Center (CECO) from Oct. 20 (Tue) to 23 (Fri) to introduce its high performance welding machine.

J1 Robotics is a high-tech, people-centered factory that integrates all production processes from planning to sales of smart factory products with ICT information and communication technology to produce customized products with minimal cost and time.

Through the monitoring system, you can check the easy-to-view screen configuration, many welding information items, and automatic data storage function. It uses real-time monitoring software for Panasonic robots for PC-based production management through the production management system.

Kim Han-soo, the CEO of J1 Robotics, introduced the company by saying, "Based on the know-how of field operation practice for more than 30 years, we are doing our best to implement the optimal automation equipment as a specialized company from designing, manufacturing, operating, and program management to automation systems applying industrial robots."

The Korea International Welding & Cutting Automation Show 2020 is hosted by Gyeongsangnam-do and Changwon-si, providing various welding and cutting technology-related information that reflect the latest trends. The exhibited items are as follows. △ Welding automation △ Cutting equipment △ Processing equipment △ Welding machine △ Welding parts and peripherals △ Environmental improvement and safety products △ Inspection and testing equipment △ Welding materials

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