Macha, AUTO& safe car mat for Hyundai and Kia Motors newly rated five stars from users

2020-07-29, Lee Eun Sil Reporter

Recently, AUTO&'s safe car mat Macha has garnered some great reviews from the users. They were especially happy about the quality of the Macha mats and rated it much better than the expensive counterparts.

One user said Macha mats are "excellent mat and extremely easy to clean." He also said not to waste money on buying expensive counterparts, saying, "Don't waste your money on laser cut liners. These are PERFECT for a Hyundai Sonata with a black floor. Front and back, the set is perfect!!!"

Other users commented that Macha mat is "good for sand" and "sooooo comfy." This user strongly recommended the mat by saying, "These are the best floor mats I've ever had in a car. Strong, good fit, and comfy on the feet." All of the users mentioned above gave this mat five stars.

AUTO& received these great comments thanks to this mat's remarkable and immediate relief and comfort to the driver's feet when it is placed under the car seats, done in less than 30 seconds. The secret comes from the high-density coil of 0.79 inches in thickness, in which the coiled curls are made up of natural rubber trees in criss-cross shape to maintain the cushion for a long time. Also fully serving the safety of drivers, it is also slip-proof and fire-proof.

For those who like to keep their cars clean, AUTO& is proud to present that the Macha mat is very effective in hiding the dirt underneath the mat. Easily washable, just rinsing with water and drying will make the mat looking like new again in no time.

Macha, the weatherproof and waterproof coil floor mat, can be purchased in Amazon just by looking up the name Macha. This KC-certified auto coil mat is made by AUTO&, an auto accessory company based in Korea. Customized for Hyundai and Kia vehicles, it is free from harmful and toxic chemicals like phthalate plasticizers DEHP, DBP, BBP, and DIBT.

For more information about the product and the company, please visit Macha Coil Car Mat Amazon.

About AUTO&
With the motto to make the automobile life happier and more convenient, it started as a company venture of Hyundai Motors in 2008. It was established as an independent company in 2012 and launched car wash products and auto parts products, with exclusive supply contract with SOFT99 in Japan and Dodo Juice in England. It has expanded its business by operating tuning brands Tuix and Tuon for Hyundai and Kia Motors, and MRO (maintenance, repair and operation) for Nexen Tires. Continuing to launch detailing brands and products, it has recently begun global sales of its car mat Macha.

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