[CES 2020] Gwangju University Startup Support Group will serve as a bridgehead for globalizing fostering companies

2020-01-28, Jane Lee Reporter

Gwangju University Startup Support Group participated in the world's largest IT and electronics exhibition CES 2020 held in Las Vegas January 7 to 10 to showcase Deepmedi and Geniesoft.

Deepmedi is the company that develops technologies to measure the health information like blood pressure, heart rate, and other health information. These technologies are provided in the form of AP to companies that want healthcare solutions such as insurance companies. The company received so much attention from the media and buyers in CES 2020.

Geniesoft's Dancing Arrow is the VR rhythm game that utilizes K-pop, which is growing all over the world. Anyone who likes K-pop can follow the main choreography and enjoy the game.

Other VR contents were not enjoyed much because it causes dizziness or inconvenience that the user must observe at 360 degrees. But, Dancing Arrow minimizes dizziness by providing an environment where users can focus on space. In addition, it is a VR rhythm game that induces the competition with other users and induces the desire to play again, not just a one-time experience.

Choi Wan-seok, the head of Gwangju University Startup Support Group, said, "Gwangju University Startup Support Group is aiming at global specialization. With active support, we will support our companies to grow into global companies, not only in CES but in other overseas exhibitions as well."

Gwangju University Startup Support Group was selected as the startup leading university supported by MSS, and has been given the opportunity to transform the university to leading the businesses in Gwangju and Jeonnam area. With collaboration with GIST, it has built the CO-TDM model to build technology convergence entrepreneurship. And, by building the market/value-oriented technology convergence entrepreneurship ecology, it will expand regionally and nationally, and prepare the stepping stone to enter the global market.

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