[CES 2020] Baek Hyunjoo Hanbok R&D Institute joins MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT as official promotion partner

2020-01-20, Jane Lee Reporter

Baek Hyunjoo Hanbok R&D Institute (CEO Oh Baek Hyunjoo) participated in the world's largest technology exhibition CES 2020 opening in Las Vegas on Jan. 7-10 as the official partner in CES startup zone Eureka Park MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT.

It is a premium hanbok brand that produces luxury hanbok that surpassed generations based on in-depth research on the costume culture that varies by generations made with the finest fabrics, natural hand dyes, and embroidery by masters. Particularly, it focuses on expressing the elegance of people who wear clothes with lightness and brightness, based on the tea and boudour culture.

Also, the design of CEO Baek Hyun-joo, who aims to modernize and globalize hanbok, has a special beauty by adding the modern touch to the traditional beauty of hanbok, and captures the antiquity and modernity that are loved by both men and women, regardless of age.

In addition, Baek presented the sensational design with the experience of winning various awards in the Western Painting category at the Korean Art Grand Prix and held the Blue House Sarangchae Hanbok Fashion Show in 2011.

Attendees of MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT, as well as global media, overseas buyers, and visitors from each country, experienced hanbok by Baek and showed great interest.

AVING NEWS, the media that has made the most promotion of Korean companies, has set up MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT (Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G #52843) in CES 2020 Startup Zone EUREKA PARK as the project to help Korean startups to enter the global market, and will introduce the major Korean startups to the world. By using the strengths of CES, AVING NEWS plans to inform investors, buyers and media Korea's promising startups through various programs such as strategic consulting, PR marketing, and networking parties. MIK Zone was hosted by Next Generation Convergence Contents Industry Association, AVING NEWS, and MD Insight, and organized by Bluefoot. It was participated by Changwon Industry Promotion Agency, Incheon Techno Park Startup Support Center, Gwangju University Startup Support Group, and Sungshin Women's University Startup Support Group.

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