Korea's major security film brand S-View enters Amazon US as the functional film brand YES2B

2019-12-27, Jane Lee Reporter

Korea's functional film company Roits Nine (CEO Heo Jae-yu) announced that it newly launched YES2B as a functional film brand for overseas market, and plans to sell it in America's largest online shopping mall Amazon US from January 2020.

The name YES2B symbolizes YES, the word highly affiliated with positivity and Bravo, the exclamation of pleasure. The name carries the hope that the lives of the customers who purchase the products are filled with love, hope, courage, and challenge.

Roits Nine is a global small giant established 15 years ago. It has its own brand of the film S-view, and the quality is being recognized domestically and globally by continuously exporting its products to the US and Europe. Also, the company is leading the global business by being selected as a promising small and medium-sized export company, and with the no. 1 position in the security film technology in Korea, it is preparing to enter Amazon US and is seeking growth in the overseas market.

S-View's YES2B will be introduced at the MIK (Made In Korea) booth hosted by AVING NEWS at CES 2020. The company will also introduce S-view's anti-fog cloth, a specially made microfiber cloth that prevents fog due to temperature difference.

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