[2019 COEX Food Week Video] Allfin curates healthy food

2019-11-22, Jane Lee Reporter

There is a company that provides customized healthy food to individuals.

Allfin participated in 2019 COEX Food Week held Nov 20-23 to introduce the healthy food designed according to Korean's health information.

Allfin is an IT company that provides food curation solutions by extracting 14 major nutrients from drawing blood from the individuals to find out what is missing and recommend appropriate healthy foods. However, there had been issues on the food curated by such detailed information not suiting people's taste. So, Allfin used this technology on the pet food, and developed food for human to be tasty instead.

As a result, the product manufactured by this were "Dried Pollack Diet with Vegetable" and Dr. Yogurfit V". "Dried Pollack Diet with Vegetable" contains plenty of nutrients from vegetables from pollack strips, harmonizing with beet, gardenia squash, and spinach, having colors of red, yellow, and green. It can be eaten as snack or finger food for drinks.

"Dr. Yogurfit V" is a 100% pure vegetable yogurt product made of lactic acid bacteria from Korean vegetable food such as kimchi and doengjan. It was made by the trend of growing number of vegetarians, and it helps with diet by adding resistance starch. It's a stick-packed product, so you can take one pouch at a time daily.

The staff Park Jung-sik who attended the event said, "As a food curation solution company, I was saddened by the scene that the information that is beneficial to health could not be utilized well. We hope that by taking our food, peoples's health improve."

2019 COEX Food Week, organized by COEX and sponsored by the MAFRA, RDA, Seoul Metropolitan Government, KFRI, Korea Agency of HACCP, and Korea Health Supplements Association, is participated by 1,000 companies taking 1,800 booths, having 60,000 participants. In addition to the exhibition, various programs such as IR pitching contests, investment consultations, global media promotion, domestic and overseas YouTube video interviews, networking parties, and media selection awards were prepared.

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