[2019 COEX Food Week Video] Dondukhan's traditional sundae displayed

2019-11-22, Jane Lee Reporter

There is a healthy sundae boasting a 60-year-old tradition that uses sweet potatoes from Deokhwasan Mountain in Wonju.

Dondukhan participated in 2019 COEX Food Week held Nov 20-23 to introduce its sweet potato sundae made with the traditional method.

Proud of continuing the sundae business for four generations from grandmother, mother, himself, and his daughter, President Lee Myung-chul, who has 60 years of experience in Wonju, boasts a large manufacturing plant and directly growing ingredients.

While most sundae products buy raw ingredients in powder form, they grow their own sweet potatoes to make dangmyeon and use starch together in the dough of the ingredients to create a light taste. The company not only cultivates sweet potatoes, but also vegetables such as siraegi, wugeoji, and onions, and plum wine is added to get a refreshing taste and make the food last longer.

Another special product is Jang Sundaeguk. It is made by the paste made by his mother. They make meju with Pyeongchang soybeans, and ferment it for three years. Gochujang, doenjang, and makjang are the products from it.

President Lee Myung-chul, who participated in the event, said, "There is still a limit to competing against sundae companies of the national scale, but we are famous as delicious sundae in our community. We are a bit expensive, but guarantee the taste and nutrient, so the customers who have tasted it in Hanaro Mart are looking for it again."

2019 COEX Food Week, organized by COEX and sponsored by the MAFRA, RDA, Seoul Metropolitan Government, KFRI, Korea Agency of HACCP, and Korea Health Supplements Association, is participated by 1,000 companies taking 1,800 booths, having 60,000 participants. In addition to the exhibition, various programs such as IR pitching contests, investment consultations, global media promotion, domestic and overseas YouTube video interviews, networking parties, and media selection awards were prepared.

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