[2019 International Green Energy Expo] Sineng Electric-Global Top5 Solar Inverter Manufacturer

2019-02-12, Lee Eun Sil Reporter

As one of the leading inverter manufacturers in the world, Sineng has acquired fortune 500 company's solar division and integrated their advanced experience in inverter technology that has contributed to Sineng becoming Top 5 solar inverter manufacturer globally & so far we have successfully delivered more than 20GW.

In order to provide proactive service and competitive solutions, Sineng has localized solar inverter manufacturing and construes service Head Office in Bengaluru to ensure effective, prominent service availability and product performance.

Having the widest portfolios of solar inverters ranging from(3kW~3.125MW)string inverters,central inverters and central distributed inverters (Multi-MPPT) makes Sineng Electric suitable for Utility-Scale plants, Micro Grids & small residential photovoltaic systems as well. Sineng electric solar inverters have been installed in the variety of environment at different locations e.g. Hilly terrain, water surface, Dessert, Sea Shore areas, roofs of commercial and residential buildings etc.

Sineng is committed to reducing carbon footprints globally & committed towards clean sustainable energy.

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