[2019 International Green Energy Expo] Aikosolar will Showcase High efficiency PERC cells

2019-02-12, Lee Eun Sil Reporter

Aikosolar will participate in 'Green Energy Expo 2018' to showcase High efficiency PERC cells. Aikosolar is one of the leading Solar Company that focus on solar cells R&D, MFG and Sales. Our mission is to make Solar energy as best competitive clean energy. Aikosolar will bring the whole mankind more reliable, advanced and efficient clean-energy products by consistent devotion on exploration and innovation.

Aikosolar cells are characterized by high efficiency, high reliability and high power generation. The front efficiency of 5BB PERC Bifical cells is 22% and the back efficiency of 15% without any other technologies. Packaged in modules(60 pcs) , the front efficiency can reach 315W. The back side efficiency is 220W. If other technologies are superimposed, the efficiency of the module will be greatly improved.

Recently,Aikosolar has introduced a new product,which have a large-size of 158.75mm*158.75mm, With this production, the efficiency of modules(72pcs)will exceed 400W. In the Green Energy Expo, Aikosolar will showcase several high-efficiency cells products, including 5BB, 9BB, 12BB PERC cells , shingled cells, half-cut cells and new product.

Aikosolar currently has large production bases in Yiwu, Zhejiang and Foshan, Guangdong. The Production capacity of high-efficiency PERC cells reaches 5.75GW. In 2019, When the Tianjin production base was completed, The production capacity will reach 9.6GW.

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