Outstanding Korean SMEs Exhibit at AMBIENTE 2019 'K-Startup Pavilion' on the Mission to Captivate Global Market

2019-02-07, Jane Lee Reporter

In this year's Frankfurt consumer goods trade show AMBIENTE, the joint hall K-Startup Pavilion will be set up on Feb 8-12 for the Korean companies aiming to enter the global market.

The 10 companies will be exhibiting at K-Startup Pavilion are as follows: △Altoran Lab △Clair △White.Cotton △MO Green △Toysvill △ZEUP DESIGN STUDIO △Madambee △Kesylang △JERAGENE KOREA △ONEUMBRELLA

Altoran Lab

Altoran Lab, as a specialized company for technology commercialization, was established in 2012. Aiming for continuous technology development and commercialization, it has been producing drinks for liver enhancement, anti-oxidant containing superfood based healthy drink, and smart LED alarm that can detect air pollution.

The following are the main characteristics of Honey-Blower: △ Honeycomb shaped model △ TiO2 air sterilization that does not require a change of filter △UV sterilizing zone that sterilizes cellphone and baby goods △ Provision of special usage by disassembling and assembling the product either group package or mono


Clair air cleaner boasts attractive and sophisticated design, perfect for private spaces to the consumers. Blending with the surroundings, it can be used anywhere, at work, in bedrooms, and even in kid's rooms. E2F filter developed with the company's key technology can capture particles as small as 0.1 micrometers, and with this technology, the company has earned a patent from Europe.

Its major features are as follows: △ Electrostatic E2F filter that can capture ultra-small dust △ Better performance than regular HEPA filters (dust removal rate of E2F filter is 0.3micron) △ Fanless air cleaner that provides quiet and efficient cleaning of air 


White.Cotton, an art-tech startup company, is self-manufacturing various art props that allows art in daily life. It has its own unique features that only the products from White.Cotton can have at an affordable price.

The product White.Cotton is introducing in AMBIENTE 2019 is Flower LED light. It can be turned off and on easily, and it is easy to use with timer function. With fragrance and soft light, this product will provide beautiful ambience to the space, and is great as a gift.

K-Startup Pavilion at AMBIENTE 2019 supported by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development is a part of the growth stimulation and global advancement program "Business Start-up Package Support Project." This provides the participating companies the opportunity to meet foreign buyers from various countries, as well as providing opportunities for global market entry.

On Feb 11, from 4-7 pm, there will be a network party where the visitors will have the chance to freely look at the products and talk about at
Messe Hall 9.2, Stand # is H36. An official from Incheon Business Information Technopark said, "We are planning to help the companies find the right potential overseas partners with our distinguished program. We are expecting that the companies will be able to find various sales channels and opportunities to enter the global market."

To pre-register to attend the invitational party for the buyers, investors, and media on Feb. 11, please click the following link. http://bitly.kr/OOvKY

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