[CES 2019 Preview] Robolink introduces 'Codrone II' with improved performance and 'Zümi,' the new AI car

2019-01-10, Lee Eun Sil Reporter

Robolink will participate in CES 2019, the world's largest technology exhibition in Las Vegas, USA, from January 8 (Tue) to January 11 (Fri) 2019, Zümi) 'and introduce 'Codrone II' with improved performance and 'Zümi,' the new AI car.

Robolink is a robot edutainment company founded in 2006. Robot technology, which is the core of the 4th industrial revolution, has been concentrating its business capabilities on development of HW and educational contents SW such as educational robot and drone kit for things such as coding and the like.

Robolink's product line offers a variety of robot education services that can be learned and coded, by all ages from infants to adults. Robolink has secured a variety of sales targets such as kindergartens, elementary, middle, high schools, universities, educational institutions, and general SW coding and learning centers.

The new Codrone II is a DIY learning drone that can be interlocked with block coding (scratch), Python, Arduino, and Raspberry Pie, and can be extended with various sensors. It can be used for learning of obstacle recognition and avoidance function, autonomous flight by coding, and learning for a cluster flight (1: N).

AI Automotive Zümi allows younger students to learn how objects are learned and how AI is being trained by using block-coding and cameras installed in cars.

Robolink said, "In the case of Zümi, we have entered the CES 2019 new product contest and have confirmed the best innovation award in robotics and drones." "We are planning to hold an international-scale Codrone robot competition and expand on online and offline distribution channels."

Meanwhile, Daegu Technopark, which participates in the CES with local companies every year, will introduce 21 promising domestic companies in the upcoming 2019 CES. The 21 companies are available at the South Plaza Design & Source Showcase Zones in the showroom. Below are the companies that are participating in CES with support from Daegu Technopark Mobile Convergence Center. ▲Intin ▲RF ▲LILLYCOVER ▲JJTech ▲3i ▲Falcon ▲Green Zone Security ▲Tech Inc. ▲Netblue ▲COBL ▲Daeyoung Chaevi ▲Second Ground ▲iGiS ▲Namgyeong ▲Joy Drone. These companies will also participate in the "MIK Night" event, hosted by AVING NEWS.

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