[MIK 2018 Season 2] Safeware Displays Protective Clothing for Motorcycle Falls

2018-12-07, Kim, Ki Hong Reporter

Safeware developed and displayed a protective clothing for motorcycle falls at 'The 10th MIK 2018 Conference&Networking seoson 2,' on December 5th. (Photo: Director Gu Cheol Han explains the principle of the protective clothing) Safeware, a IT fusion clothing corporation, develops and sells safety gears and clothing such as protective clothing for construction site falls, and airbag jackets. In the recent MIK 2018 season 2, Safeware received the attention of foreign press reporters and buyers for its protective clothing for motorcycle falls and construction site falls. The protective clothing for bikers is designed to minimize injury from crashes or falls. It is equipped with polyurethane protectors and airbags to protect major body parts such as the ribs, neck, spine, and intestines. Specially, utilizing GPS location informations, it transfers the accident location and situation to BLT communication and designated users of an exclusive app, securing the golden time. Moreover, the IoT airbag that defends the fall accident victim is designed with a fall perception sensor and compressed Co2 cartridge inflater, thus can be used in construction sites, motorcycles, horse-riding, and life jackets,

(Photo: The Co2 cartridge inflater equipped in the airbag jacket) Director Gu Cheol Han says "Safeware's protective clothing and gears have been acknowledged for their high performance, and is currently scheduled to supply our products to Koreapost and major companies, and we have an ongoing consultation with delivery related franchises." adding that "Our products are inevitable for preparing accident threats from construction sites, leisure sports, and self-employers. We are expecting to develop new products capable usage in various accidents and disasters." Meanwhile, the event, meeting its 10th opening, was held by 'AVING NEWS,' taking part in approximately 100 exhibitions' media partner, and having built a global news network with major presses of 54 countries. Furthermore, famous home and foreign medias including Vietnam Plus of Vietnam, IC smart of China, Geekazine of the USA, Le Café du Geek of France, Moneytoday, IT Donga, Smart PC Love, Earlyadopter of South Korea, →Head to 'MIK 2018 Conference&Networking Season 2' article

(Photo: Safeware was selected as the MIK 2018 Season 2 top 2nd company by Yesky(China)) (Photo by Choi Song Ha)

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