[KINBA 2018] EcoViron presents a Table and Cutting Board made of Australian Camphor Trees

2018-11-03, No Woong Rae Reporter

EcoViron participated in the '2nd Kitchen & Bath Korea (KINBA 2018)' held in the second exhibition hall of KINTEX from Thursday, November 1 to Sunday, November 4 and presented a table and cutting board made by processing Australian Camphor trees.

Australian Camphor tree boasts more unique and beautiful texture than other countries' Camphor tree, so it is often preferred as a material for cutting board. Also, the essence ingredient contained in Camphor tree trees calm one's mind down, so it is also used as a cosmetics and air refresher ingredient. It also repels moths and home insects. It is drawing lots of love as an antibiotic cutting board since it prevents the proliferation of food poisoning germs such as colon bacillus, salmonella, and Staphylococcus aureus and make them disappear.

EcoViron has also presented hardwood tables made of camphor trees which are frequently used as a cutting board material. CEO Jeongwon Kim of EcoViron said "We are currently advertising and selling cutting boards on home shopping channels but we plan to expand and sell tables and chairs as well."

Meanwhile, '2018 KITCHEN & BATH KOREA (KINBA)' hosted and organized by Fairs Co., Ltd. aims to spread the advanced technology and excellence of Korean kitchen and bath industry and promote active information exchange with the world's prominent kitchen and bath companies. Visitors of 'KINBA 2018' will be able to read the industry trends and find the latest kitchen and bath-related products such as kitchen appliances, kitchen devices, kitchen system, kitchen supplies, bathroom appliances, bathroom remodeling, and bathing supplies.

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