[KINBA 2018] BNJ Marble presented Ecofriendly Artificial Marble Non-Supporting Shelf

2018-11-03, No Woong Rae Reporter

BNJ Marble participated in the '2nd Kitchen & Bath Korea (KINBA 2018)' held in the second exhibition hall of KINTEX from Thursday, November 1st to Sunday, November 4th and presented an ecofriendly artificial marble non-supporting shelf.

BNJ Marble has developed a non-supporting shelf which generates a neat and classy interior design effect without showing connecting device. It can be installed easily by BNJ Marble's own patented method, reducing 1/3 of bathroom zendai installation cost and building shelves without stacking nail walls. It has also received an ecofriendly certification.

BNJ Marble's high-quality shelf gives a sense of weight and thickness on a simple design, which is good to make efficient us of extra space on the wall. Especially, the modern and round multipurpose interior design wall shelf made of ecofriendly artificial marble gives bending on artificial marble, as BNJ Marble's high-quality stair-type shelf designed in a natural line.

B&J's artificial marble slanted tableware for pets boasts the top quality with high-quality domestic artificial marble materials and is slanted to fit animal companions' physical structure so they can eat their meals in a healthy posture. With appropriate weight, it also prevents bowls from being pushed to one side when the companion animal is eating its meal.

Meanwhile, '2018 KITCHEN & BATH KOREA (KINBA)' hosted and organized by Fairs Co., Ltd. aims to spread the advanced technology and excellence of Korean kitchen and bath industry and promote active information exchange with the world's prominent kitchen and bath companies. Visitors of 'KINBA 2018' will be able to read the industry trends and find the latest kitchen and bath-related products such as kitchen appliances, kitchen devices, kitchen system, kitchen supplies, bathroom appliances, bathroom remodeling, and bathing supplies.

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