[SMK 2018 Video] Hyundai Steel, Showcases Earthquake Resistant Steel Brand 'H CORE' and Puts Forward Its Safety Values

2018-11-02, Lee Eun Sil Reporter

Hyundai Steel showcased 'H-CORE', an earthquake resistant steel brand, at SMK 2018, which was held for 3 days from October 31st (Wed) to November 2nd (Fri), at the 2nd Exhibition Hall at KINTEX.

Hyundai Steel is equipped with electric furnace and blast furnace steel facilities, and develops and produces cold rolled steel, automobile parts, special steel, and, automobile steel, as well as steel tubes, steel plates, H-beam, rebar, and other metal products used in the construction, home appliance, and shipbuilding industries.

Hyundai Steel, which had launched Korea's first earthquake resistant steel brand 'H-CORE', on November 1st, 2017, actively introduced related technology and products in the exhibition. The 'H-CORE' brand carries the meaning of 'Hyundai Steel becoming the CORE of making Korea safer'.

The earthquake resistant steel exhibited in the exhibition is a product that is applied and constructed into earthquake resistant architecture, and absorbs impact from earthquakes to prolong the time before building collapse and minimize loss in human life. It has been used in Jang Bogo Station in Antarctica, in the Bogota coal power plant in Colombia, and in the LOTTE World Tower.

Manager Hwanin Lee of Hyundai Steel said, "We will work hard to create safer architecture and safer spaces so people can safely escape, even if an earthquake strikes suddenly," and revealed the company's aspiration, saying, "We will spread the value of safety through the H CORE brand."

Meanwhile, the SMK exhibition, held biennially since its first exhibition in 2010, started as a specialty exhibition for steel and metal materials, but has since grown into a global level exhibition which exhibits not only materials, but tube/pipes, metallurgical technology, equipment, and other aspects of the industry. 'SMK 2018' actively attracts domestic and foreign demand from all industries such as the automobile, shipbuilding, electronic, and construction industries, and concurrently conducts events such as steel day, metals day, steel conference, conferences, and other steel and metals related events, creating a synergistic effect.

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