[SMK 2018 Video] POSCO Showcases Future Mega Trends… Eco, City, Mobility Theme Zones

2018-11-02, Lee Eun Sil Reporter

POSCO arranged zones for three future trends, which were 'eco-energy', 'mega city', and 'neo mobility', and exhibited and showcased various steel products for 3 days from October 31st (Wed) to November 2nd (Fri), at SMK 2018, which was held at the 2nd Exhibition Hall at KINTEX.

The 'Eco-Energy Zone' in the exhibition hall depicted cities of the future, which will be powered by eco-friendly clean energy such as wind power generation and solar power generation. PosWIND, one of the main exhibits, is a bearing material for wind turbines developed by POSCO, and is characterized by being more durable than ordinary bearing steel, and resistant to corrosion and damage. In addition, they introduced a variety of products used in all fields, ranging from transporting, storing, and using energy, such as LNG fuel propulsion lines and LNG storage tanks, which are made of high manganese steel.

The 'Mega City Zone' displayed the future city which will soon become a part of our daily lives. It provided a description for 'HSA Steel' used in 'skyscrapers', PosCable (POSCO wire for Cable) used in long bridges, and high functioning hot-rolled steel used in 'Hyperloop'.

The 'Neo Mobility Zone' exhibited the lighter and faster future of automobiles. The PBC-EV, PSC-EV, and others, which are electric car chassis manufactured by size, attracted the attention of visitors. In addition, they provided POSCO's automobile solution which included electric car motors, steering systems, and other POSCO automobile solutions which include giga steel.

Hyungjoon Jeon, a POSCO team manager, said, "Our company works endlessly to develop steel products for eco-friendly energy, mega cities that are nice to live in, and safer automobiles," and continued on to say, "We utilized QR codes for all of our products in this exhibition to provide detailed information to visitors. Finally he expressed his wish saying, "We hope to steadily develop special steel products unique to POSCO and serve the future society".

Meanwhile, the SMK exhibition, held biennially since its first exhibition in 2010, started as a specialty exhibition for steel and metal materials, but has since grown into a global level exhibition which exhibits not only materials, but tube/pipes, metallurgical technology, equipment, and other aspects of the industry. 'SMK 2018' actively attracts domestic and foreign demand from all industries such as the automobile, shipbuilding, electronic, and construction industries, and concurrently conducts events such as steel day, metals day, steel conference, conferences, and other steel and metals related events, creating a synergistic effect.

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