SMK 2018 will be held from October 31 to November 2 under the slogan 'Steel, Going Together with Non-ferrous Material, Going Together for Future of Human Beings'

2018-10-01, MJ HONG Reporter

From environment-friendly materials to high-performance and advanced materials, various types of materials are being invented to introduce the most effective and economic materials for human beings.

While the development of materials that can substitute steel and non-ferrous materials like plastic and textile, we are ultimately returning to steel and non-ferrous materials for economic reasons.

The increased demand for eco-friendly vehicles lately, which is coupled with the increased application of ultra-high strength and light materials to guarantee light vehicles while securing car body strength are calling for the innovative development of related materials and application technology.

The future of such high-performance steel materials and non-ferrous industry can be witnessed at the "5th Steel and Metal Korea (SMK 2018)" that will be held from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2 at KINTEX, Ilsan City.

Visitors to the SMK 2018 can check out the future automobile material application technology trends in one glance. At the Steel Technology Symposium hosted by the Korea Metal Material Academic Association, Hyundai Steel R&D Head Quarter will discuss the steel material and parts application technology trends being developed currently as well as measures to enhance the future competitiveness of the steel industry under the theme of "Measures to Deal With Steel Materials for Future Cars."

In addition, debate participated by panelists from the government, National Assembly Steel Forum, academic circles, associations and organizations as well as corporations on pending issues for the steel and non-ferrous industry including C02 emission rights, industrial electricity rate hike, 52-hour work week will also take place. Korea Co-op Coordination Association, Korea Technology Research Association will also host "Copper and Copper Alloy Research Conference" under the theme of "Copper Alloy as New Material."

As other organizations and corporations are preparing seminars that are aimed at developing the steel and non-ferrous industry, SMK 2018 is expected to station itself as the platform for information and technology.

During SMK 2018, public campaign under the slogan, "Steel, Going Together with Non-ferrous Material, Going Together for Future of Human Beings" will also be carried out.

This is aimed at delivering the value of steel and non-ferrous material that have played a crucial role in human history to the public in a friendly manner.

"SMK 2018 Character Naming Idea Contest" will also be held to actively attract students who are the future of steel and non-ferrous metal industry.

Future Automobiles... Where is the Destination of the Revolution?

All drivers have the same concern.

Performance, fuel efficiency, cost, design, brand... among all options, 80% of the middle class is focused on the cost of maintenance.

As automobile fuel and materials are important factors that determine the cost of maintenance, many automobile manufacturers are concerned about such issue.

Diesel cars that have been considered alternations due to environment issues have lost their realistic status as green cars due to the Volkswagen exhaust manipulation. While we need to move towards a new alternative for future cars including electric cars, hydrogen cars, self-driving cars, sharing cars, we still face various tasks related to their practical manufacturing and mass production.

Aluminum, Plastic, Rising as Light Materials... Problem is Expense and Mass Production

While aluminum and plastic materials are being developed as a new material for vehicles, there are no other materials that are crucial to cars than steel. It is much stronger than copper and bronze, and is easy to process, is easy to be used to make alloy by adding various materials, easily accessible and cheap, and thus still stands at the center of materials for vehicles.

However, as a lot of fuel is consumed due to the weakness of its heavy weight, it cannot become the decisive factor of future light automobile.

Therefore, vehicles using aluminium and plastic are being developed to reduce the weight, the cost of aluminium is more expensive than steel. Steel is also vulnerable to heat and can be broken easily, and faces limitations in mass production. In addition, it's difficult for stainless steel which is sturdier than steel to be altered through pressing and is also vulnerable to metal fatigue, which may ultimately lead to bigger accidents.

Steel Technology Symposium, Returning Back to Steel!

Even when we overcome such drawback, it's impossible to make 100% other material without using steel.

Steel is like rice of industry. Automobile manufacturers are returning back to steel. To support such trend, steel companies are striving their utmost efforts to develop steel materials that are lighter yet stronger.

SMK2018, participated by global steel companies like POSCO, Hyundai Steel, aims to present new future vision of steel technology.

SMK2018 will be held from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2 at KINTEX Exhibition Gallery 2 Hall 10.

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