[Preview of KIMES Busan 2018] CLASSYS will introduce the laser diode technology TONURV

2018-09-28, MJ HONG Reporter

CLASSYS will participate in 'KIMES Busan 2018', which will be held at BEXCO in Busan from October 19th to 21st, and introduce 'the laser diode technology TONURV'.

Alongside HIFU technologies to be displayed during the event, CLASSYS Inc. will also introduce the laser diode technology TONURV as part of its product lineup. With also having received KFDA approval in May of this year, the TONURV features a scanner hand-piece that achieves maximum convenience for users, uniform treatments for effective outcomes, and reduced side effects for its patients. Entering its initial stages to penetrate the domestic market, the TONURV will certainly be recognized among investors and the medical aesthetic community for its impressive facial toning and rejuvenation capabilities.

Another new development, the CLATUU Alpha, will also be displayed, considered a dramatic upgrade to the CLATUU. Equipped with a revolutionized cooling energy system, the CLATUU Alpha has been optimized to perform absolute fat reduction procedures on body areas from the double chin to the knees. Currently under review to receive KFDA approval following its showcasing debut in KIMES Seoul 2018, previous participants in the medical aesthetic community have also expressed praise for its non-invasive cooling capabilities.

Based on the company's overall market capitalizations and new prospects in the southern domestic region, CLASSYS Inc.'s associates said: "The Shurink (ULTRAFORMER III) has increased its market share for the HIFU medical devices market in the capital. The Yeongnam region (consisting of Busan, Daegu, etc.) is the second largest market after Seoul. Thus, KIMES Busan will be important to target wide opportunities in Yeongnam. Recently, major cities like Busan and Daegu have increased demand for HIFU technologies, in which we are actively addressing to secure users."

By organizing its trade show in Busan for the very first time, KIMES looks to prioritize its standing for regional specialization and eventually achieve a significant share in the growing global demand for medical aesthetic technologies. CLASSYS Inc., an annual partner of KIMES, will also look to expand its brand and revenue portfolio by launching next-generation technologies among both regional and global users.

Meanwhile, the emergence of medical services using big data and smart healthcare medical devices creates a new concept of health care market. At this point, KIMES Busan 2018 offers an opportunity to experience the next generation of medical devices and healthcare products that respond to the future health care market. KIMES Busan 2018 will also introduce a variety of smart healthcare products and services that are evolving into big data, IoT, biotechnology (BT), and ICT (Information Communication Technology).

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