[MWC Shanghai Video] 'ICT Supports the Expansion of the Ecosystem '...Korea Association for ICT Promotion(KAIT) Joint Booth On-Site Sketch

2018-07-03, 임선규 reporter

Korea Association for ICT Promotion( Hereinafter referred to as, KAIT) have composed joint booth and participated in 'K-Tech Connect@World' held for 3 days from June 27th(Wed) to 29th (Fri) in SNIEC(Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai, China.

World's largest mobile exhibition 'MWC(Mobile World Congress), is an event hosted by Global System for Mobile communication Association(GSMA), and MWC Shanghai securing its position as Asia's largest scale mobile exhibition.

This year, it was held with the theme of 'Discover a Better Future', and including 5G which is the next generation communication technology, various technology trends such as, AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), IoT (Internet of Things) and Fintech could be seen.

(Photo Description: KAIT joint booth was composed in the SNIEC exhibition hall N4, which the 'MWC Shanghai 2018' was held.)

To response to the changes according to the global ICT trend, KAIT is supporting various things from constructing infrastructure to policy support, finding new business and others to make Korea's ICT environment to be helpful in the growth of the company.

(Photo Description: The founder of China Fintech, 'Zennon Kapron')

Not only the joint booth, but through the support of 'Fintech Demo Day In Shanghai(hereinafter referred to as, Fintech Demoday)' held by Korea's Fintech support center, it have made Korea's excellent Fintech companies to exchange and share the information through the pitching with Fintech companies in China.

The KAIT joint booth participating companies that was composed in this MWC were a total of 10 companies, and are as follows.

5 Fintech, AI, Big Date related technology companies △QaraSoft △KROSS △Who's Good △HPrime △BICube, 2 IoT related technology companies △SPS △Jongro Medical, RF Parts and 2 Optical Communication Related companies △Patron △ARTECH, and 1 Mobile advertisement related technology company △G&G Commerce

QaraSoft , the Deep learning robot advisor 'KOSHO.ai, provides the market outlook of 1 weeks later for stock, financial index, virtual currency, and others. Since it analyzes more than 400 million data worldwide with deep learning algorithm built-in Market Dreamer, it is possible to get the item analysis information for the item that the user wants.

KROSS's '90 Days' is a P2P loan platform based on the electronic bill for SME's and small merchant that are facing difficulties in financing. Unlike general P2P investment product, it has short investment period of about 3 months, so it is also product that is receiving attention as it has the benefit of a three-month savings plan.

The CSO Shin In-geun of KROSS said, "It has been about 1 year since the opening of platform, but currently about 550 cases, hence, about 16 billion won fund has been supported to SME's".

Who's Good, breaking away from the practice of evaluating information only by the company, is discovering a good company in the objective point of view based on the big data analysis. Based on various source of information such as company's labor problems or business place's environmental safety health problem, consumer issue, and ruling structure problem, it provides comprehensive information about the company to many people. 'WHO'S GOOD' is the one that have made these as platform.

HPRIME is a specialized FinTech company based on AI and Blockchain. By providing purchase of ingredients based on big data through platform, it is constructing new distribution channel through improving distribution structure of food materials and provide efficient payment service.

BICube is a financial big data start-up based on big data machine running and cloud computing. 'Lycaon-F' is a FDS appliance made to detect abnormal trade in the commercial banks, and have adopted NeutralStream processing method that could process a large amount of data in a short period of time. So it could be also said that it is a user behavior based security solution that is receiving attention in the FinTech era.

SPS is a company that supplies device platform based on RFID or barcode wearable platform. It have also developed wireless charging technology Magconn, which uses the magnetic contact to protect smartphone from external impact between smartphone and cable.

The officials of SPS said, "As the platform that frees both hands, and can use only the device without the smartphone, we are currently developing other wearable type product that differs from existing product".

Jongro Medical's smart ovulation tester 'O'VIEW-W' is a product that enables simple ovulation test with mobile phone or to see by only operating the product with one drop of salvia.

The CEO Kim Jee-hoon of Jongro Medical said, "The men's sperm tester 'O'VIEW-M', which will be released in this July with 'O'VIEW-W', will be able to do a role to provide healthy pregnant conditions".

Patron is a company that specially handles mobile communication RF parts such as parts that goes into mobile phone, like camera module, antenna, and sensor, and it boosts No. 1 market share in Korea. Other than Korean companies like Samsung, LG, it also possesses global customer companies such as Nokia. Currently, it is expending the business field to finished product business such as Bluetooth headset, wearable band, home healthcare device, and the business based on it's own parts.

ARTECH is a company that have succeeded in the commercializing the product that enables 100G/bps speed's 80km transmission to China ZTE through the technology transfer of Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI).

ETRI have introduced TIC-TOC(Time Controlled Tractile Optical Access) technology that will lead 5G communication technology, and ARTECH have introduced low power and ultra-small 100G/bps optical transceiver 100G QSFP28 ER4 and 25G SFP28 that will be applied to 5G network.

The CEO Yoon Byung-don of ARTECH said, "ARTECH and Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) are the cooperative company, and we have participated for active technology exchange and promotion in the 5G communication market" and added, "Currently there have been meetings for technology exchange with communication company and device companies such as China Mobile, China Telecom, NOKIA Bell lab".

G&G Commerce is a mobile advertisement platform specialized company, which is also an electronic commerce know more as 'Domeggook'. 'Canvasee', the blockchain based advertisement curation platform, provides high-level and useful information in the consumer perspective with the cooperation of manufacturing company so that the consumers could use it.

Meanwhile, as the global technology trend is not only one industry such as transportation, education, and medical, and flows as 'Convergence' with various industries, Korea Association for ICT Promotion(KAIT) have responded to ICT convergence issue, and is supporting in various ways for the growth of Korea's ICT company.

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