[MWC Shanghai 2018] Recommended Places and Supplies through Companion Animal Image Analysis! Puppypop 'Willpet'

2018-06-29, 임선규 reporter

Puppypop have participate in 'MWC Shanghai 2018' held in SNIEC(Shanghai New International Expo Center), Shanghai, China from June 27th (Wed) to 29th(Fri) with support of Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency, and introduced companion animal dedicated intellectual curation platform 'Willpet'.

Willpet is an application that the companion animal and the family uses together.  It analyzes pictures of user's uploaded companion animals and recommends the same species, the same kind of companion animals, and the ones that match the nature of companion animals.

Crawling, machine learning, and image analysis are used to develop indicators for data collection, data collection structure design, and algorithms for predicting tendencies are planned and implemented in companion animal viewpoints.

It also aims to harmonize coexistence with non-companion through the sharing function of lost animal occurrence sharing function and by the petiquette index check function.

On the other hand, Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency is an industry promotion agency in Daejeon for Information Technology(IT), Software(SW), and Culture contents Technology and has a goal to realize a creative economy through convergence between ICT industries, and innovation which are based on ICT technology accumulated around Daedeok valley and the excellent ICT industrial environment in Daejeon. Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency supports excellent ICT companies for their successful overseas market entry with overseas exhibitions.

Aving News is the only media company in Korea to be the official media partner of MWC Shanghai for the third consecutive year, covering more than 100 medium and large-sized exhibitions at home and abroad annually.

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