[LED & OLED EXPO 2018 Preview] TEVE to Exhibit Non-Electrolytic LED Driver for 30W~300W LED lights

2018-06-08, 이은실 reporter

At the 16th International LED & OLED Expo 2018, which will be held at the KINTEX 3 & 4 exhibition hall from June 26 (Tue) to 28 (Thu), TEVE(booth no. G-47,48) Will exhibit a full lineup of Non-electrolytic LED Driver for 30W ~ 300W(input wattage) LED lights.

Since its establishment in 2010, TEVE has been developing the World's first Non-electrolytic LED driver, and since 2013 has been supplying them for outdoor use such as for streetlights, sports, factories, tunnels, and customized products such as for explosion-proof, photography, etc.. The company's Non-electrolytic LED driver has the advantages of long life of 100,000 hours, excellent operating temperature, high anti-surge of 12KV and excellent inrush current characteristics. These are already recognized by customers. TEVE will exhibit various Non-electrolytic drivers of 30 ~ 300W (input power) and you can meet these at TEVE's booth, booth no. G47,48.

Especially, the Non-electrolytic drivers developed with built-in type such as explosion proof are a highly reliable product considering the specificity of the installation environment and secured the price competitiveness and it can be applied to high ceiling lamp and flood light.

Further, the photographic lighting driver realizes flicker zero, so that a natural image can be photographed without changing the image quality at all, no matter what image is photographed. And you can adjust the lighting color freely, as well as adjust dimming. So it can be used not only for shooting lighting but also for various kinds of lighting products such as educational lighting, pest control, special crops, etc., which require concentration.

Meanwhile, International LED & OLED EXPO 2018 is the largest LED & OLED specialized trade show in Korea with over 350 domestic and foreign companies participating. Also, during the exhibition, 'Laser EXPO 2018' and 'LED Industry forum 2018', which invited the leading authorities of LED industries to explore the current status and development direction of LED industry, were held simultaneously.

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