[KIMES 2018 Preview] WONIK to Exhibit ' INNOJECTOR' to Expand Exports to Global Medical Aesthetics Markets

2018-02-08, 박지완 reporter

WONIK, company specializing in medical devices, will introduce INNOJECTOR, which is leading the new trend of skin care treatment and is being exported to all over the world at 'KIMES 2018' which is run from 15th to 18th of March at COEX.

INNOJECTOR is the medical device that induces the regeneration of collagen by penetrating into the skin layer in the form of a vortex without needles using powerful air pressure and by physically stimulating the dermal layer. It is used for neck wrinkles, acne scars, surgical scars and lifting, etc.

INNOJECTOR can stimulate the dermal layer more evenly than a simple vertical injection method by adopting the vortex technology. It damages slightly the dermal layer by adjustable air pressure, allowing the solutions to be evenly penetrated with excellent effects.
In this process, it induces collagen regeneration through fibroblast stimulation, thereby increasing skin elasticity, treating wrinkles and lifting, etc. It also can improve the scars by removing fibrous bands through the sub-cision effect. In addition, when physiological saline, hyaluronic acid, etc. are used together with INNOJECTOR, the effect can be maximized by injecting the liquid treatment evenly into the dermal layer.

From the perspective of the patient who is being treated, unlike the laser and high frequency, INNOJECTOR does not cause heat injury and does not require any treatment after the procedure so that there is almost no interference with daily life. In addition, the patented nozzle creates a very fine hole in the skin, greatly reducing the bleeding to the extent that it is possible to cover the treated area as a basic makeup and the procedure time is about 10 minutes and there is no burden.

INNOJECTOR guarantees high therapeutic effects by giving a fine stimulus to the skin tissue in the form of a whirlwind. It has the effect of improving the wrinkles of the neck, which is a difficult area to cure, and it has proven to be excellent in the acne scars and the surgical scars treatment. It attracts great attention in the global medical aesthetics markets, and its export is gradually expanding.

Meanwhile, KIMES 2018 is the biggest international medical and hospital equipment exhibition of Korea. KIMES sets the stage for introduction of latest tools and technology that may aid in the healthcare industry etc. in the Hospitals and Medical Equipments industry.

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