[KIMES 2018 Preview] MEDIKORS to Exhibit 'InAlyzer AIR', 64 Channel and Innovative Designed 'BONE DENSITOMETRY'

2018-02-08, 박지완 reporter

MEDIKORS(CEO Killian Yoon) unveils the 64 channels & the innovative open bottom designed 'InAlyzer AIR' at 'KIMES 2018' which is run from 15th to 18th of March at COEX.

InAlyzer AIR is the DXA (Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry) Fan Beam technology that realize the high resolution by 64 channels and the unique design is for Premium line's bone densitometry. It has low height for elder patients and speed of scan time is aprox. 30 sec. to reduce patients and operators' inconveniences. The result of Bone Mineral Density can be shown with high resolution image.

MEDIKORS DXA technology has been recognized and proven by Universities Hospitals and National Research centers to which InAlyzer (Laboratory equipment) is supplied. The company has five patents with technologies and design. InAlyzer has proven the accuracy and precision of Bone Mineral Density & Body composition, conducting clinical trials at Seoul National University School of Dentistry.

Since MEDIKORS establishment in 2013, lunched the first device 'InAlyzer' (DXA body composition analysis for lab animals), innerVue3 (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging system). In KIMES 2018 will unveil the new products line of Bone Densitometry, InAlyzer AIR, InAlyzer CORE, InAlyzer Q, etc.
MEDIKORS is receiving good responses and interests from International customers and various medias.

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