[MIK 2017] VR CARVER Presents VR Sports Exclusive Simulator

2017-12-09, 박지완 reporter

VR CARVER participated in "MIK 2017 Conference & Networking Party" at Yangjae The K Hotel on November 29th, Wednesday and presented VR Sports Exclusive Simulator.

VR CARVER has patent technology differentiated in virtual reality simulator business in the US, presenting a new vision in the virtual reality device market similar to the actual situation. Moreover, it is planning to enter a global market as an innovative VR specialized company which cannot be imitated by others, with the hardware developed by a strong original technology patent and creative virtual reality sports experience zone.

VR CARVER developed VR sports exclusive simulator equipped with Slip Turn function for the first time in the world, possessing core technology of Slip Turn module and registered for a world patent.

Also, VR CARVER will commercialize various racing products such as skateboard, ski, surf board, indoor cycle, racing car and spacecraft by applying the technology, and VR Youth Sports Exclusive Hall will be conducted as a franchiser business. In addition, it has price competitiveness of 3 million won, which is 10% of the previous price, and by reducing the size and weight of the product by 33%, it reduced installation cost and facilitated installation. Moreover, it maximized the sense of reality while realizing the same operation as the actual product function.

Meanwhile, MIK is a combination of online convention and off-line press conference, which invited 50 Vietnamese C to C buyers who have a great influence on the purchase. In this event, Top Start Up was selected as media awards, followed by global media's press pitching and crowd funding consultation and finished with a business networking party.



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