[MIK 2017] Nauty Group Presents "Americano," an Analog Touch Smartphone Wallet

2017-12-09, 박지완 reporter

Nauty Group participated in "MIK 2017 Conference & Networking Party" at Yangjae The K Hotel on November 29th, Wednesday and presented "Americano," an analog touch smartphone wallet.

Nauty Group was selected as a project to support I-PLEX in Gwangju, and participated in the MIK conference. It is a designer fashion group established in September, 2016, launching and operating fashion brands with trendy and unique identity. Currently, it is operating Ordinauty, a men's fashion goods brand, whose main product is a smartphone wallet "Americano", a design product that pursues digital detoxification with analog sensitivity.

Nauty Group's product features the use of top quality natural cowhides from domestic and Italy, as well as top-quality supplementary materials. Moreover, it has the best quality produced by professionals who have more than 20 years of experience, and the reasonable price compared to other companies by minimizing distribution margin and bubble.

Meanwhile, MIK is a combination of online convention and off-line press conference, which invited 50 Vietnamese C to C buyers who have a great influence on the purchase. In this event, Top Start Up was selected as media awards, followed by global media's press pitching and crowd funding consultation and finished with a business networking party.


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