[Made In Korea] Claire S Air Purifier Achieves 1,000% in JD.com Crowd Funding Just in 15 Days

2017-03-13, Lim Jong Hee Reporter

Clair S, a noise-induced white noise air purifier, was found to be over 1,000% of its target within 15 days of the start of crowdfunding in China.

Claire S achieved 200% in the first day of the rookie crowd funding and surprised many from the very beginning. After more than 1,000% in just one month, we were able to confirm the confidence of Chinese consumers in the excellent products of Made in Korea.

Claire once again amazes people all over the world, bringing innovation in air purifiers to exceptional air cleaning capabilities, small home appliances that can be set in every room, and very low maintenance costs.

A child who can't easily fall asleep, a child who is sensitive and wakes up frequently, and a co-worker who has always been sleepy and cares for such a child. The warm idea of ​​the developer who was worried about the problem created the sound therapy air cleaner 'Claire S' which has not existed in the world.

The Claire S is an innovation that combines excellent air purification with IoT technology and Bluetooth speakers. It includes sound recording for sleep induction, meditation, mind and body stability, concentration and recording.

Claire S is a smartphone app that you can use to control your music in everyday life, when you need to sleep, when you need healing, when you need stability, when you need to concentrate on studying or work.

The electrostatic dust collecting type e2f filter patented from 27 countries shows excellent air purification ability. It is a safe filter with no harmful effect on human body. It removes more than 99% of allergens and sick house syndromes as well as ultra-fine dust of less than 0.1 μm. And collects all harmful substances such as dust and cigarette smoke.

Even if you use 24 hours a day 365 days, you can drink clean and fresh air at any cost with very low electricity cost of about 100 won per month (no progressive tax rate counted).

Claire S is working on crowdfunding in the US Indiegogo, along with JD.com, and is expecting to record a bigger record for the next 10 days.

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