[Made In Korea] CLAIR Air Purifier, Crowd Funding in Japan Makuake Achieved Over 291%

2017-02-03, Lim Jong Hee Reporter

Clair (Lee, Woo-Hun Representative), an air purifier for every room, achieved a remarkable record of 291% for Japan Makuake, which was more than its goal.

A made in Korea air purifier company Clair's Makuake crowd funding targeted 'Clair B', which is portable tumbler-style, and carried out for about two months, starting from November 24 last year to the end of January this year.

Clair has become the first air purifier brand in the world that entered four of representative crowd funding in the world, US Kickstarter, Korea Wadiz, China JD and this Japanese crowd funding, and reached over all the goals.

In terms of crowd funding success, US Kickstater accounted for 207%, Korea Wadiz 287%, JD 284%, and this time Japan Makuake 291%, which were 2-3 times more than their goals.

Clair B air purifier, a product of Japan Makuake's crowd funding is portable and allows us to breathe in clean and pure air anywhere at anytime with a 180-degree rotating head design and tumbler-style. Through the application of MAF technology for the first time in the world, it has an excellent purification ability of removing micro-dusts as well as bacteria and viruses. It can be connected to secondary batteries via USBs, cigar jacks in cars and computers, etc, and was selected as a product of Good Design in 2015.

Lee, Woo-Hun, the representative of Clair, said "As we successfully completed four global crowd funding for about two years, we were recognized for the excellence of Made in Korea air purifiers by major consumers in the US, Korea, China and Japan. Recently, due to the influence of dry weather and air pollution, product inquiries and demands for products are overwhelming not only in Asia, but also in Europe, and we are experiencing how Clair is becoming a global brand."

In addition, he stated that they are planning to focus on advertising the existing products such as Claring, Clair B as well as new products such as Clair S, a sound therapy air purifier, and Clair V, an antibacterial deodorizing air purifier.

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