[Made In Korea] SCENTONE, Signed MOU with a Russian Coffee Company 'KAFEMA' and Jeonbuk 'Kunjang University'

2017-01-24, Lim Jong Hee Reporter

'SCENTONE', the world's only flavor analysis company, has signed the MOU with KAFEMA, a Russian coffee company, and Kunjang University, the only Lifelong Vocational Education University in Jeonbuk.

This MOU was held on January 19th (Thursday) at Korea Coffee Culture Promotion Agency(KICCI), which is SCENTONE R&D Center. At the beginning of January, the MOU was also signed between Paldang Coffee Farm and Kunjang University, and they promised to cooperate in producing high quality Korean coffee along with SCENTONE.

Therefore, Korea has arranged a triangular system of coffee industry development among professional education institutes of aroma, coffee farms and universities, industrial-educational cooperation, and research support for training coffee experts.

(Picture Description: Prof. Seo, Ik-Hwan of Kunjang University(Left) and Ahn, Joong-Hyuk, the representative of SCENTONE(Right) signing the memorandum of understanding.

(Picture Description: Prof. Seo-Ik-Hwan of Kunjang University(Left) and Kwon, Sung-Jin, the director of Paldang Coffee Farm(Right) signing the memorandum of understanding.

Ahn, Joong-Hyuk, the representative of SCENTONE, said "KAFEMA, which signed the MOU this time, is a comprehensive coffee company that carries out the business of café, roasting, and education. We're very happy that SCENTONE's aroma education has regularly started in Russia, a country that has been evaluated as a huge potential market like China through signing the MOU with KAFEMA."

He also added, "As the only flavor analysis company in the world, it is rapidly becoming the essential education system of major food and beverage industry all over the world, not only in Korea, but also in the United States, Europe, China, Vietnam as well as Russia. We will continue to cultivate high-quality coffee experts and further develop this industry."

Seo, Ik-Huan, the professor of Kunjang Univeristy stated "Kunjang University does not aim at providing simple barista education. We believe SCENTONE's unique aroma education system will be of great help for us, as our education aims to cultivate higher-level coffee experts."

Kwon, Sung-Jin, the director of Paldang Coffee Farm also said, "As the only coffee farm in the metropolitan area that has appropriate environment and technologies appropriate for 'Seed to Cup', which meets the level of coffee education and consumption in Korea, we will be devoted to educating not only experts, but also general consumers in regard to the awareness of coffee cultivation.

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