[Daegu DIP Special] JulangJulang, Walking Game for Everyone

2016-10-12, Park Ji Yeon Reporter

Everyone knows that walking is beneficial for the health, but it is not easy to keep walking every day. Is there any way to make walking fun? There is an app that makes walking like you are playing a game. The name of the game is JulangJulang: the walking for everyone.

This game from Flying Mountain(www.flyingmountain.kr)The number of walks get used as the experience points and gold in this game. So, more you walk, the easier it is to make the character grow and collect items. The items collected by walking can be used to buy the characters. The players can also get prizes when they find treasure boxes on the map.

There are cute mascots in JulangJulang. There is a cat named Tee, a rabbit named Toto, a monkey names Kiki, a dog named Koko, and a bear named Popo. The mascots grow as the players walk more.

The players can check how much their friends walked, making the competition more exciting and fun. This is an incredible app that can help the players become healthier naturally.

It is currently offering beta service. 28,000 people have already downloaded the game, and it has been selected as a Samsung S-Health partner app.

The next development Flying Mountain is going to start is location monitoring service. It is trying to combine the location information data into the games. Lee Sung-hyun, the CEO of Flying Mountain, said, "Daegu has many outstanding ICT companies, but there are still no ICT companies with the company value of one trillion won. We are hoping to reach that point first."

Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency(DIP)is running marketing support activities for the smart knowledge service-based companies to enter the global market, and Flying Mountain is one of the companies being fostered by DIP.

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