[Daegu DIP Special] GIS Editing Program "iGIS"

2016-10-17, Park Ji Yeon Reporter

IDS(www.idscorea.com) is a new information and communication solution developer specializing in geographical information system(GIS). It has developed its own GIS and remote medical solution and is supplying them to public and private organizations.

One of its clients is Korea Forest Service, where IDS is in charge of the implementation of FGMS. It also is in charge of the mobile GIS business and the development of the city gas control system for its client City Gas Corporation. It also completed the development of GIS editing tool and will make iGIS video management system by using the drones and iGIS.

iGIS is a commercial program that can view and edit geographical information in 2D and 3D images and even do structural editing. It has an easy and simple UI with the capacity to make 100GB vector data, and it runs fully in Korean language, making it capable of developing C/S and other operation programs. It also provides automatic upgrade feature when using Daum's API map and POI programs.

IDS is planning to sell the drones to the public sectors and local governments along with the iGIS video management system, and will be selling the structural editing solution to private sectors. This will be done at a reasonable price for the clients for IDS is developing its own control system solution.

Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency(DIP)is running marketing support activities for the smart knowledge service-based companies to enter the global market, and IDS is one of the companies being fostered by DIP.

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