[CES 2015 Press Day] Volkswagen Introduces Digitalized Mobility

2015-01-07, Lee haesun Reporter

Volkswagen, Europe's most successful car brand, presented the new age of automobile through digitalization at the CES 2015 press conference held on Jan. 5. With the advancement of technology, the car and the computer are coming closer together, and Volkswagen is leading the trend with the development of computer-controlled drive systems, app and smartphone integration, intuitive vehicle operation, and autonomous and semi-autonomous driving.

At CES, Volkswagen will present the further advancement of electric cars. It will be able to automatically dock to inductive charging stations and output signals that indicate the battery state-of-charge using the vehicle's exterior lights. It will also be installed with on-board electronics with computers that control such functions as battery charging and, in the case of the hybrid models, switching between the different drive sources.

Later this year, Volkswagen will introduce "modular infotainment platform" (MIB II) in the United States, and MirrorLink will integrate the apps installed in the smartphones with cars.

With proximity sensors and gesture recognition developed by Volkswagen, the car will adapt by recognizing their occupants' movements. This technology adds comfort and convenience to human-vehicle interaction by reducing driver distractions while operating controls, and further underscores the synchronized relationship between the car and the computer.

Volkswagen made a step forward to autonomous driving with Park Assist, a parking training system by scans a frequently driven path to a parking space via camera, and from that point on it executes the path semi-automatically by computer control. Its ultimate goal is to have the car parked by the driver remotely, using a smartphone to control the car.

Held in every January, CES(Consumer Electronic Show) is the world's largest IT and consumer electronics exhibition to see the latest global trends in consumer electronics industry in one spot.

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