Speedbounce, Aurora Lite Bank's New Compact-size Diffuser with a Full-size Effect

2014-12-20, Jane Lee Reporter

Speedbounce: Optimal Light Modifier for Shoe-mounted Flash

Thanks to the ever-increasing demand for better lights when people take photos, diffusers of all kinds have been coming out in the market. But while people are aware that the quality of the picture increases significantly with diffusers, not many can actually use them because diffusers are usually too big to carry them around. And the smaller ones that can be carried around don't really give the desired effect as large-sized diffusers. So, the use of diffusers has been limited to professional photographers.

Speedbounce is perfect for those in need of portable diffusers that actually work. Without sacrificing exposure, Speedbounce delivers soft light evenly to your subject and effectively eliminates highlights and shadows.

Speedbounce is more portable than the mini-sized softboxes that are already out in the market. It twists and folds down to 1/3 of its size and comes in a round carrying bag.

Setting up is fast and easy. When you take out Speedbounce out of the carrying bag, it will spring open and take its form automatically. It comes with a non-slippery strap which leaves no mark on your equipment, yet it is strong enough to hold Speedbounce steady against strong wind.

Speed Bounce comes in two different sizes: 30cm diameter and 40cm diameter. Both are ideal sizes for shooting indoor/outdoor portraits.

The principle structure of Speedbounce is the same as the conventional softboxes. Back and column are made with black/silver material for reflection and front diffuser is made with Aurora's standard diffusing material for soft and even lighting.

Its unique circular shape creates an eye-catching look. With this "shallower than conventional" diffuser, users will get higher contrast yet the same soft effect as the conventional diffusers.

For a detailed look at the product, visit Aurora Lite Bank's homepage (www.auroralitebank.com).

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